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Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Winterizing homes that will be vacant during the winter months is often a good idea. It helps save on heating costs such as oil, gas, electricity, or propane. Winterizing shouldn't just be limited to emptying the water supply lines or heat pipes, but should also include protecting the drain pipes.

Insulating all drains in cold areas is just as important as insulating the water and heat pipes. Seal off all cold drafts if possible. If the house will be vacant for a period of time without heat, empty all water from traps and toilets. Be sure to use a winterizing anti-freeze solution made for homes in all the toilets and p-traps throughout the house. This will prevent ice from freezing and bursting the pipe apart.

If the pipe bursts or if water is left in the trap and it evaporates, sewer smells will likely start to enter the house through those drains. Be sure to contact a winterizing company for your drains. All plumbing companies and even some drain companies like American Rooter can help winterize homes.


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