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If you have periodic backups call The Drain Experts at American Rooter today and consider our expert Preventative Maintenance Program.

We will discuss your individual situation and recommend a cost effective hassle free solution to prevent future costly cleanups.

Preventative Maintenance

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Avoid inconvenient and expensive clogs, repairs, cleanups, and insurance claims by joining American Rooter's Preventative Maintenance Program. Schedule at your convenience and receive discounts.

Drain clogs are inconvenient and expensive regardless of whether water damage occurred or further repairs are needed. Routine maintenance will reduce extra charges associated with emergency call outs. These charges can include night, weekend, or holiday rates as well as additional labor and equipment charges for out of the ordinary cleaning of extreme buildup, clogs, roots, grease or soap.

Drains that have routine backups usually start to exhibit a pattern. Keep track of the dates and set up a cleaning schedule that can stay ahead of the drain before it clogs. For instance, roots in a pipe need to be cut every 1 – 3 years; whereas dipped drains or drains with poor pitch can need cleaning as often as every few months depending on how much grease, soap or solids are disposed down the drain. If a pattern becomes obvious, call a drain company and request a preventive maintenance contract for a discounted price. American Rooter offers 10% to 30% off for preventive cleaning of an unblocked drain, depending on the contract frequency and previous customer history.

By performing preventive drain cleaning, homeowners and businesses avoid the indirect costs associated with clogged drains. Sewer cleanups or damage to walls, ceilings, and flooring is common when a drain, toilet or pipe overflows. Downtime and time waiting for a Connecticut drain company can also be frustrating when a drain emergency occurs. Avoid these costly repairs and aggravation by maintaining the drains properly even if there has never been a drain problem. After 7-10 years, all drains are susceptible to a blockage. It's only a matter of time. American Rooter offers whole house and commercial building specials to clean every drain. Call for whole house pricing or click here to see some sample specials.


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