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Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

A p-trap is the u-shaped bend under a sink or tub. They are supposed to be under every floor drain or shower and are on all fixtures in a building. Some homes have traps on the main sewer line also but because the fixtures are independently trapped, these so-called house traps are usually unnecessary.

P-traps are designed to stay full of water and prevent sewer gases from coming through the drain. If a sewer smell starts to come into a home, check that all drain traps are full of water. Be sure to pour water in traps for floor drains and barely used fixtures (spare tubs, sinks, and toilets) on a regular basis. These drains have a tendency to evaporate and let gases as well as sewer flies into the building.

Water leaks are not isolated to water supply lines or shutoff valves. Like any other plumbing, leaking p-traps can similarly cause water damage to ceilings, flooring and inside cabinets. Be sure to check the p-trap if you see water in an area under a sink or tub. Tightening the nuts or changing the washers may be all that's needed. However, rotted p-traps have to be replaced.

Sinks or tubs often clog in the p-trap. If a sink clogs, the best thing to do is pull the trap apart to see if the clog is in it before calling a drain service company. P-traps easily come apart and anyone with the slightest handyman capabilities should be able to tackle a p-trap blockage. Just be sure to empty the sink before pulling the p-trap apart so you don't cause a spill or flood. Remember, any water in the sink will spill out of the pipe when the p-trap is removed. This tiny effort can easily save a homeowner a couple hundred dollars. Call American Rooter right away if it seems like too much hassle or beyond your skill level.


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