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Over the toilet storage racks or shelves

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Finding storage options for bathroom related products in small bathrooms can be daunting. To solve that problem, someone creatively decided to use the wasted space above the toilet tank to install shelving or racks.

More often than not, the location of these shelves and the small items stored on them are a recipe for certain disaster. Candles, tooth brushes, tooth paste, lotions, scissors, tweezers, deodorant, false teeth, rings, jewelry, and cell phones fit perfectly down a toilet bowl drain. If its small enough to fit on those tiny shelves, it will almost always end up in the toilet drain when it accidentally falls in the toilet. Many times, items fall in unnoticed and the toilet gets flushed while the user walks away. The toilet then blocks unexpectedly with that flush or the very next use.

Avoid storage above the toilet bowl at all cost. If something is missing off the shelf, there is a good chance it fell in the toilet and American Rooter will have to come get it out of the toilet or drain. In rare cases, however, the item can't be removed without damaging the toilet and the toilet needs replacement. Toilets can be very expensive to replace.

Follow this advice by American Rooter and save money and aggravation by removing the storage over the toilet. If it's not possible to remove, at least get in the habit of keeping the toilet lid closed when not in use. You'll be happy you did.


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