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Main Sewer Lines

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Every home or building has a main sewer drain that collects all water from other sanitary drains like toilets, sinks, showers, washing machine drains, and tubs. This drain leaves the building and drains into a city sewer system or septic system. Most buildings have one main sewage drain but some may have more than one.

To find your main line, look for the largest pipe in the basement and you'll likely find it. In residential homes, the sewer main is typically the largest pipe. Some sewer mains go into the basement floor then leave the house, while others leave the building through the basement foundation wall.

Main sewer drains often clog over time because of normal use. Abuse or other issues can also cause clogging: tree roots, soap or grease in the pipes, broken pipes under ground, and dipped or shifted areas caused by the ground settling. To clean a sewer pipe clog, the cleanout cap has to be removed and a snake or other cleaning equipment, like a water jetter, is sent into the pipe.

A proper cleanout access is usually located where the main sewer leaves the building. It can also be in various other areas in the building. If a cleanout is not available, it is usually necessary to have a toilet removed for access into the sewer drain.

Many main sewer lines have repeat issues that can be maintained to avoid sewer block ups. Try to maintain root growth or buildup in main pipes by snaking them every year or two. The longer roots are allowed to grow, the bigger they get, making them more difficult and costly to remove. They also will expand in joints. This will break the pipes apart and require expensive repairs.


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