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Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Gutters and roof drains are one of the most important drains on a building but they are also the most forgotten about. They are rarely used directly by people and they can't easily be looked into; so they tend to be neglected. It's often too late by the time people notice their gutters or roof drains are not working right.

Gutters and roof drains are meant to catch the water from the roof and send the water away from the building. When not functioning correctly, gutters can cause potential disasters. Clogged gutters and roof drains can fall off of a building; they can cause flooding in the house or building; they can even cause a roof to collapse. Leaves, sticks, and roofing material tend to get stuck in gutters. This material can clog gutters, roof drains, and storm drains that they flow into. In heavy storms, clogged gutters and drains will overflow off of the roof or cause water to pool on the roof. This overflow of water can collapse the roof or flood through the foundation and footing drains. In winter weather, clogged roof drains and gutters will cause dangerous ice dams, which also damage the roof or collapse it.

It's a good habit to clean gutters annually to prevent leaves, sticks, and seedlings from entering the storm system. Cleaning the gutters will not only keep the gutters flowing but it also helps to keep the gutters from getting too heavy. Too much weight in a gutter will cause it to fall right off of the house so it's important to clean them regularly.

Cleaning gutters can be difficult and expensive. One way to minimize having to maintain gutters is to install gutter screens. American Rooter strongly recommends installing gutter screens because the screens do a good job of keeping leaves out of the gutter. Homeowners can self install screens or have a contractor install them. Most roofing or gutter companies will install screens but prices and methods can vary drastically; it's best to call around and get several prices before deciding who to use.

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