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Gurgling Drains

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Gurgling can be a sign that a drain is beginning to back up down the line or above it. A professional drain company like American Rooter should take a look if a drain is gurgling in an unusual way because it may need to be cleaned.

A gurgling drain is sometimes difficult to diagnose and repair because the cause can be from a variety of issues relating to all the nearby drains or the vents for those drains. In some cases, gurgling is normal due to the poor installation of the vent but in most cases a drain should not gurgle.

Gurgling in a sink or tub is a sign that the drain pipe is drawing air through the p-trap and drain hole in the sink or tub instead of the breather vent. Gurgling drains are often followed by a blockage. It may be days or weeks, but at some point the drain will completely clog.

If gurgling has never been apparent in a drain or gurgling gets worse or starts out of nowhere, call American Rooter to make an appointment. A scheduled drain cleaning will be more convenient and less expensive than an emergency call out in most cases. Take advantage of the warning signs and don't wait for a blocked pipe.


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