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Grease and Cooking Oils

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Clogs from grease and cooking oils are some of the hardest, most time consuming, and dirtiest clogs to clean from a drain. Thick pasty grease clogs buildup for large lengths in pipes, sometimes even the whole pipe, making the clogs difficult to thin out and remove from a pipe.

To make matters worse, older grease hardens like it's concrete inside drains. This older grease can break up into chunks when snaked. These grease chunks can then cause a blockage farther down the drain. Removing this type of clog takes time to clean right or it will block again shortly. Sometimes, grease clogs can only be water jetted for removal.

The best place for grease is in the garbage. Never throw hot oil or grease away though. Allow it to cool and coagulate in the pan, then throw it in the garbage. Grease and oils harden in the pipes the same way they do when left on the stove. This cooled and hardened grease is what builds up in the pipe and causes blockages.

To avoid grease buildup like this, always run your hottest water for a couple of minutes before, during, and after washing greasy pans and dishes in the sink. The hot water will heat the drain pipes and keep the water and oil from cooling too fast in the drain, preventing grease from coagulating and sticking to the inside walls of the pipe.

Try to be as conscious about the fat in your drains as you should be about your arteries. Just like arteries, the inside walls of drains can accumulate buildup which restricts flow. The slower the drain flows, the more likely it will clog. Don't pour grease in your drain or you'll need a drain cleaning company like American Rooter to clean it out.


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