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Garbage Disposers

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Garbage disposers are installed in many sinks today as a luxury accessory in a kitchen. Unknown to most people, garbage disposers cause an abundance of kitchen sink clogs. For this reason, American Rooter strongly recommends removing disposers or using them as little as possible.

If a disposer is absolutely necessary, you should operate it frequently to rinse decaying food and grime that may start to smell. Filling and draining the sink ½ way with water and a little bleach will often be good enough for a clean rinse and to remove odors.

Not only do disposers cause frequent backups but they can also be harmful to septic systems. Some local sanitarians have begun not allowing garbage disposers in houses with septic systems. The waste can not properly be broken down in the septic tank, and it negatively affects the natural bacteria in the tank that breaks down the sewage. It is believed that this negative effect causes the leach fields to fail prematurely over time.

If you absolutely need to use the garbage disposer, be sure to run a lot of water before, during, and after using it. Running the water in this way helps the food material flow down the pipe easier and not buildup in the drain elbows. Not doing so will often lead to a drain clog, especially in 1-1/2" drain pipes.

Garbage disposer food clogs in kitchen sinks tend to be more difficult to remove than normal buildup. These food clogs can be over several feet long depending on how much food was disposed of when the drain clogged. If the clog is more than a couple of inches, drain snakes tend to go through the clog without clearing it. It often takes longer to clear these clogs and costs more time in labor because the snake has to go back and forth through clog numerous times.

Take our advice. Drains were not meant for rotten vegetables from the fridge, pots of soup leftover from the night before, or potato peels. Throw these items and other table scraps away and keep your drain running free. Otherwise, it'll be necessary to call a drain company like American Rooter.


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