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Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

If it says flushable, DON'T BELIEVE IT!! American Rooter pulls out more flushable items like wipes (baby & adult), ladies sanitary products, and cleaning products than any other item. Keep these items from entering your toilets and drains to avoid backups.

Convenience often wins over logic in today's society. Drains are being abused on a daily basis because product labels lead us to think there is nothing wrong with flushing products down the toilet that were meant for the garbage. Drains are meant to handle liquids and solids that break down easily in water. Garbage does not meet these criteria.

Aside from liquids and sewer wastes, tissue paper is the only product that should enter the drain system. Toilet seat covers, paper towels, deodorizers, tampons, ladies sanitary pads, disinfectant cleaning wipes, wash cloths, baby wipes, and adult wipes are frequently pulled out of blocked drain pipes and toilets.

Avoid flushing these items or allowing others from flushing them and you'll be far less likely to have a blockage in the sewer drain or toilet. Throw all flushables away in the garbage where they belong. Make sure to provide a disposal bin in public bathrooms and post signs prohibiting flushable items in the toilet and you'll save money and aggravation.

Not all toilet papers are safe either. American Rooter always recommends a single ply thin based toilet paper. Multi-ply and plushy toilet paper provides great comfort and ease but it also contributes to many of the toilet clogs cleaned by American Rooter.

Prior to 1990's, toilets had more gallons for flushing and the higher water flow was significantly better at carrying items all the way to the city sewer main. Today's toilets are 1.6 gallons per flush and incapable of moving heavier, more durable material through today's minimally pitched drain systems or toilets. Follow our advice and you'll experience far less blocked toilets or sewer drains.


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