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Catch Basins

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Cleaning catch basins and storm drains is essential to prevent severe flooding in extreme storms. Partially clogged storm systems or catch basins may seem to function normally during a light or regular storm. However, partially clogged storm drain systems can malfunction without forewarning during a severe thunderstorm. Flash flooding can cause damage to roads, sidewalks, buildings, and landscaping.

A catch basin can be a variation of several types of outdoor storm drains. They can be located on the ground in parking lots, roads, yards, and driveways. Catch basins are designed and placed in areas where surface water from rain can drain into. Catch basins have grated tops and usually have a catch area called a sump to collect dirt, leaves, and sticks. This sump area is usually an 18" deep pit below the bottom of the outlet pipe which exits the basin. The sump catches the debris so the debris won't go down the outlet storm drain and clog the system.

Catch basins should be maintained and inspected annually to remove any debris that has accumulated in the sump area of the basin or on the grate. If the dirt or debris level in the sump is close to the bottom of the outlet pipe, the basin should be cleaned. If catch basins are neglected and allowed to fill with debris, the sumps can no longer function. The debris is then forced to go down the outlet storm drain.

Leaves, sticks, sand, and dirt that makes it into storm drains can cause clogs in several places. The debris can clog in the storm basin, the storm drain, a silt separator, or at the outlet of the storm pipe. Many years of neglect can fill in sediment ponds and discharge areas. A clog in any storm drain area requires water jet rodding or dredging for cleaning or removal. These cleaning options are usually much more expensive than regularly maintaining the basins.

Checking and maintaining the outlet areas for storm drains is just as important as inspecting the storm basins. Inspect storm outlets regularly for silt build up, disposed brush or overgrowth. Remove these items annually. These areas are quite often filled in by landscapers who dump brush, lawn mower clippings, and street sweeping sand. This usually happens accidentally because the landscaper is unaware that the outlet pipe is hidden under years of overgrowth or washed out silt.

Like most catch basin cleaning companies, American Rooter uses vacuum trucks to suck debris out of catch basins. The trucks are also equipped with water jet cleaning hoses that can clean up to 700 ft of pipe. Call American Rooter today to maintain or unclog your storm drain catch basins.


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