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Buying a Home

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

New home owner's horror stories surface every day and drains are not excluded from these nightmares. Every day, American Rooter receives calls from homeowners who have bought homes within the last week to 12 months and are experiencing a main sewer line blockage or water in the basement. It is strongly recommended that all possible homebuyers inspect the home's main sewer drain to avoid these situations and the huge expenses to fix them.

Typically, a problem drain requires a simple cleaning. However, more often than people know, more severe issues are exposed. American Rooter finds severe issues whether the house is brand new or 100 years old. Brand new houses are notorious for having main sewer lines or storm drains that never got hooked up or were damaged during installation or construction. Old houses often have tree roots growing in the pipe from trees as far away as 75 ft. They also are plagued with breaks, dips, shifts and cracks that cause repeated backups and cost $3000.00 to tens of thousands to replace. Occasionally, American Rooter has even found homes thought to be on city sewer for 20 years still hooked up to an unknown septic system buried in the back yard. In fact, in every case so far, the home was charged a sewer assessment and the homeowner was paying sewer taxes as if they were hooked up to the city system but they were not. It sounds crazy but it happens. Homes change hands often and historical information gets lost or mistranslated. To top if off, the homeowner has had to pay for the construction to hook up to the city sewer.

Have a sewer camera inspection done on a home before you buy it. In most cases these problems are known by the seller because they have had previous backups. This information is just never disclosed. Many new home owners are unpleasantly surprised to hear they need a costly sewer repair when there are roots or breaks in the line. Sometimes these repairs can easily exceed $10,000.00. Look for signs of previous drain cleanings. Aside from obvious water damage in a basement or cellar, dark splash marks near a drain cleanout access are a good indicator that a cable snaking machine or jetter was previously used to clear the drain. Round wear marks on the cleanout threads are also an obvious sign to look for. Most drain companies also leave stickers with their company name and contact info if they've been there. If you see any of those signs, it is in your best interest to put a sewer camera down the line. Spending the extra few hundred dollars with a drain inspection company like American Rooter can save you thousands of dollars.


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