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Blockages & Floods

Tips from our Expert Connecticut Drain Company

Because water damage can be time consuming and expensive to clean and repair, determining the source of flooding water is crucial to minimizing costly damages. Not all situations are the same, but stopping or at least controlling the water flooding in the building is the next step.

If you have a stoppage or flooding from a sink, toilet, sewer or sanitary drain; stop running water and flushing toilets in the building immediately. Again, that includes sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers. If possible, shut off the water supply to isolated fixtures or the main water line in multi-unit buildings if possible. Stopping the water flow will limit damages and cleanup.

Flooding from storm drains can be a lot harder to stop the source of the water. If possible, disconnect or block the drain catching the storm water. For instance, if rain water is backing out of the basement drain, it may be possible to disconnect the gutters and let the water drain out onto the ground. Flooding along brooks, rivers, and streams many times requires sand bags to stop the flow from entering a building. Any drains which discharge to a flood prone area should be temporarily blocked by stuffing something in the pipe like a towel. For a permanent solution, look to have a backflow preventer installed.

The second crucial step is controlling the water flow spilling into an area to contain the water and reduce damages. Place buckets under all flooding drains if possible and contain water on the floor by damming it or sopping it up with towels, blankets and rags. Drains on the floor can sometimes be stuffed with rags to slow the flood. Wet vacs, which are fairly cheap and can be bought at any hardware store starting at $60.00, are very effective at vacuuming up water during or after a flood. For water flooding over 1" it's usually a good idea to buy or install a floor pump or sump pump to remove the water. In severe cases with more than a few inches of water, local fire departments will sometimes help pump out basements; or a professional pump out company like American Rooter would be called to remove the water.


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