Connecticut Drain Cleaning Company Drains

American Rooter is equipped to handle blockages in all types and sizes of drains. Our drain cleaning equipment includes all sizes of snakes and jetting equipment to open a blocked drain every time.

CT Excavation Company Excavation

Even after removing a tree the roots can still grow causing you problems in the future. If your drain pipe is broken, collapsed, shifted, or dipped, excavation may be your best solution.

Connecticut Septic Company Septic

Minimize solid sewage particles from entering the leaching area. As solid levels get higher, they are more easily carried out to the leach fields where they cause clogging and failure to the system

Connecticut Flood Servicing Flood Servicing

Floods in basements and other areas can cause thousands of dollars in damages quickly and without notice. We'll pump out the water, determine if it's a drain pro- blem and unclog it if required.

Connecticut Pipe Inspections Camera Inspections

Video Inspections allow us to properly diagnose a problem and quickly recommend the best corrective action (i.e. Preventive Maintenance, Heavy Cleaning, Water Jetting, Repair, Excavation, Lining).

When Trouble Strikes ...
Call The Drain Experts™
  • Clogged Drain Pipes or Fixtures
  • Snaking and Water Jetting Services
  • Pipe Inspections with Video Camera Equipment
  • Underground Plumbing Location and Mark-outs
  • Underground Drainage Surveys and Analysis
  • Cured in Place Pipe Lining Trenchless Repair
  • Sewer and Drain Excavation, Installation & Repair
  • Storm Catch Basin and Silt Separator Cleaning
  • Septic Cleaning and Inspections
  • Grease Trap Cleaning and Inspections
  • Plumbing Smoke Testing for Leaks or Odors
  • Frozen Pipe Thawing
  • Flooded Basement Pumping
  • Injection Pump Installation

American Rooter, LLC
Connecticut Drain Cleaning & Sewer Company

American Rooter is a Connecticut Sewer and Drain Cleaning Company known as The Drain Experts™. The business was started in CT in 1980, primarily as a clogged drain company. Customers called to unclog sinks, toilets and house sewers with drain snaking machines. Since then, American Rooter has transformed into the leading authority on all things related to drains in Connecticut. Service for clogs in a house drain, a municipal sewer pipe, commercial or industrial drain is still our main service. However, technology and growth has enabled us to successfully expand into other specialties in the Connecticut Drain Cleaning Industry: Sewer Cameras, High Pressure Water Jetters, Pump Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, CT Drain Pipe Excavation & Repair, Trenchless Pipe Lining, Septic Pumping in Connecticut, Commercial Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning in CT, Storm Catch Basin Cleaning, Sewer Manhole Cleaning, Connecticut Sump Pump Installs and Flooded Basement Pumping. Highly specialized to handle all drain issues, our technicians have the highest level of experience, equipment and training in the industry for Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Municipal drain clogs or problems. Let American Rooter, The Drain Experts™, diagnose and fix your drain clogs and issues.


Drains have been an integral aspect of life since the time of the Romans and their early cities. Romans used aqueducts and pipes to carry fresh water to their homes, public baths, fountains and toilets. To carry waste water away from these areas, Romans developed a sophisticated series of sewage systems and drain pipes to keep their cities clean. In a large way, the development of sewers has unimaginably enabled humans to live in close proximity to each other in large populations. Without sewers, most metropolitan areas today wouldn't exist because of the dangers and disease associated with the sewage waste they create. The Romans, like us today, realized the disruption to daily activities caused by a drain pipe clog. So, with the growing need and importance of populated cities, the Connecticut drain cleaning industry was born. With the hundreds of billions of miles of plumbing in homes, building, and underground today, the drain cleaning company American Rooter LLC, The Drain Experts™ is eternally grateful to our early ancestors.

Drain Clogs

A clogged drain is a nuisance no matter how small it is, where it is, or when it is. A clogged bathroom sink, kitchen sink clog or a slow shower, tub or floor drain flooding is as much an inconvenience as a main sewer line blockage or storm drain flood in the basement. It's never a good time. The only difference is whether it's a priority to fix the drain right away or not. For the emergencies that can't wait, American Rooter offers 24 hour drain cleaning emergency services in Connecticut 365 days per year. We know it's vital to clear a clogged main drain pipe in a home or building. We think it's just as important to unblock a sink line, tub drain, or toilet drain when there are no others available in the building or if the drain won't stop flooding.

Not only inconvenient, but a blocked drain pipe can cause flooding and severe damage to sheetrock, wood, flooring, ceilings and to the areas the drain is leaking in, on, around or through. Flood damage from sewer water or a drain pipe can lead to bacteria, mold and mildew damage in a heartbeat too. Even minor pipe leaks can cause major damage in just a short time so American Rooter, The Drain Experts™ makes every possible effort to clear a drain stoppage fast, convenient and affordable.

When there's a need to snake or waterjet a clog in a pipe, American Rooter, The Drain Experts™ should be your first call. Our drain cleaning company in CT is a drain snaking company with cable machines reaching over 400 ft. American Rooter is also a CT drain waterjetting company with waterjetters that can reach over 1000 ft so we unblock all clogged drains. Cleaning, clearing and unblocking a blocked drain is our professional specialty.

Drain Clog Signs to Look For

Spotting a drain clog is not always "easy" water flooding out of a drain such as a toilet overflowing or water in the basement sink. Obvious signs of a blockage in a pipe can be water not going down in the sink, tub, or toilet. Or maybe the water just drains slow while taking a shower. Other less obvious signs might be water coming from under the floor, water leaking onto the floor, or in a ceiling. A wet rug or an unusual puddle can be signs something is wrong with a drain. Gurgling in the sink or toilet or tub is a clue to watch for too. If a drain gurgles it means it's not draining right and the pipe is blocked or the breather vent on the roof is clogged. Quite often water in the basement or around the washing machine area or spilling out of the washing machine drain is a definite clue that the pipe is clogged. Sometimes the washing machine can be full of sewage which is a definite indicator that the main sewer drain is blocked. If sewage or toilet paper is spilling on the lawn out of a pipe; or coming out of the breather vent on the house, then you have a blocked main drain going to the city sewer or septic. Unusual water puddles or leaks in the lawn or driveway are also indicators that you may have a main sewer blockage. Sinkholes in these areas or holes in the ground around them are bad signs that you could have a break and clog in the sewer drain or septic pipe. If you have any of these issues, you need a professional drain clog company like American Rooter, The Drain Experts™ to clear the drain and repair the drain in CT.

What Are the Causes of a Clog in a Drain Pipe?

American Rooter, The Drain Experts™ unclogs over 3000 clogged pipes each year in Connecticut. We see clogs caused by roots in the main drain pipe, grease in kitchen sink drains or main sewer lines, and hair clogs in bath tubs or bathroom sinks. A blockage can happen in new or old plumbing especially if items such as ladies sanitary products, paper towels or even baby wipes or sanitary wipes are being flushed down a toilet. Grease being poured into sinks or too much garbage put into the garbage disposal can cause kitchen drain clogs often. Today's water saving toilets have more issues because of poor flush volume and smaller toilet outlets. Plush toilet paper clogs or constipated bowel movements can easily cause a water saving toilet to clog. Sand, dirt and leaves in a storm drain is very common, and causes flooding quite often. Call American Rooter if you suspect any of these problems in your drains.

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